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The Brew story of Filter Mocha

While a lockdown tamed us inside our homes physically in 2020, our creativity was still out there wandering, looking for opportunities, chances and ideas to make it big. We wanted to entertain people, elevate businesses and energize Social Media.

Thus, an idea was born. The idea of Filter Mocha. An idea is to amalgamate Old schools like Filter Coffee and Modern like Cafe Mocha. A place where everything merges. A place with no borders or hindrance. A place with Just fresh Ideas.

As digital marketing is booming, we continue to brew ideas that are fresh, rich, and original. To bring the brewed ideas into life, we filtered out a team, blended them into the right balance, and extended to serve the end results of the concocted idea with a pinch of creativity.

The Brew Crew
The brewers at Filter Mocha

Just like Filter Mocha and its ideas the team of Filter Mocha is also fresh. A team full of young minds with innovation speaking on their behalf, the FM crew breaks all stereotypes of the routine work culture. While companies and organisations hunt for staff with experience, Filter Mocha recruits freshers, fresh outta studies and excels in creating an extant work environment while delivering trend-setting performances through our services.

We strongly believe that passion, potential, and an intent to learn makes all the difference needed in the workplace.

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