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About Us

Heard of Filter Mocha?

Filter Mocha digital solutions helps businesses build their Digital presence. Every ounce of information is available on the internet in today’s world. Our expertise is to extract every bit of this information, further understand, analyze and interpret it to the best of our abilities which aids in creating novel and innovative concepts to make every idea stand out. We promise to dig deep into the soul of your company and extract enough information so that we can embody your Brand, understand your Personas, reach your Audience and build trust on your behalf. Our Pledge is to be there for You like your brand for your customers.

Our Mission

Is to grow rapidly with technology in the digital space, providing digital marketing services to businesses at competitive prices with top-notch quality.

Our Goal

Isn’t to be good at digital media.
The goal is to be good at business using digital media.

Our Vision

Is to build a team of imaginative marketers like us and tech gurus who possess the right mix of a collaborative and considered mindset.

The Logo Story
Fresh Ideas First
F – Fierily, we are the
I – innovators who yearn to
L – learn and
T – think of
E – evolving and
R – revolutionizing digital
M – media at our
O – organisation where we strive to be
C – creative and
H – humble to our clients
A – always

Our Forté


We don’t follow the cliché ideas in the market, our minds are brewing with new creatives. Our core is a set of fresh minds looking to invade the creativity in us.


We are very easy to approach and accept changes that make us different from other organizations. Client’s happiness is our first priority so we work 6 days a week, round the clock.


Our organization looks forward to being the trendsetter, not trend followers. We are the drivers for gaining popularity and setting a strong base to enhance Digital marketing solutions.

Meet the fresh ideas, FIRSTS

Our Clients

We consider our clients one among us; We march towards growing with our clients.

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Dorai Villa, Ground floor #4/2, 1st Cross St, Mahalingapuram, Chennai- 600034

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